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About Us

ZHONG KONG FURNITURE FACTORY, located in Zhongshan City District Tsuiheng cross the east gate two wai. Founded in 1986, on the upgrade business in the efforts of all staff, the furniture factory has advanced production equipment, and a highly skilled workforce, the main type of office furniture, office sofa and high-grade household sofa.

Production and sales of office equipment, furniture, office furniture, kitchen cabinets, hardware accessories, accessories, Home Furnishing lighting, carpet, decorative materials, Home Furnishing design; interior and exterior decoration engineering; industrial rent; goods and technology import and export.

We believe that only work together, can Our wills unite like a fortress. a great development and the future, so we focus on the training of employees of a company's sense of belonging, let the company become their home, to increase their sense of security to increase the cohesion of the company, and to better play their combatant spirit to create the company's home. Companies adhere to the cultural construction, and constantly optimize the internal system construction, but also to further improve the quality of employees, so that they have a better external image to the general public. In 2017, the company is to face a new, develop a set of strict and orderly arranged in good order, the project management system. For everyone to develop a code of conduct, management from top to bottom, everyone has a responsibility. Create a harmonious atmosphere for everyone in the family.

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